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How can you tell one professional newborn photographer from another? What you really need to know … and how to avoid the risks.

Today, nearly everyone has access to a decent camera on their smartphones. And, for a relatively small price, anyone can buy a good-quality digital camera.

This access to modern camera technology is great!

However, there is a potentially risky downside that’s especially relevant to new parents and parents-to-be.

The risk is in the huge number of amateurs and inexperienced professionals offering newborn photography sessions. They create a website or Facebook page and lure new parents with low prices. Unfortunately, however, many don’t have the training, skills, experience, equipment, or knowledge to safely create newborn portraits. And the consequences can be really dangerous, as reported in this story: Newborns at risk of serious injury or death from ‘unsafe’ photographers

Low-price newborn photography could be a safety “red flag” for parents

Making the problem worse is that many low-price photographers do not have general liability insurance. Oftentimes, this is because they’re trying to win new clients by offering cheap prices … which means they can’t afford insurance.

And they’re taking advantage of new parents who never think to ask about it.

So even if the “cheap” photographer doesn’t do anything “overtly risky” during the photo session, if there’s any sort of incident or accident (like a falling piece of equipment, or someone tripping) the client will be left with the medical or legal expenses.

I hope you can see the potential for the terrible (and completely avoidable) health and financial risks.

I know you don’t want to think about insurance when you’re dreaming of gorgeous images of your adorable baby …

… but the consequences of choosing your photographer based on price … and not asking about their training, experience, and insurance coverage …  could be devastating.

For best value, consider safety and quality, not just price

Yes, an inexperienced photographer will possibly be cheaper than an experienced newborn photographer …

… but the safety and welfare of your baby aren’t worth putting at risking just to save a few dollars.

Also, a cheap photographer will typically be less skilled than an experienced professional. As a consequence, they’ll be less likely to consistently shoot high-quality images.

Furthermore, they’ll probably have less developed retouching skills. This could mean you’ll get stuck with images you regret rather than enjoy.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Newborn photos are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They have the potential to invoke joy and happy reminiscence throughout your entire life … and the entire life of your child … and generations to come.

To risk that immeasurable reward … not to mention the safety and financial risks … for the sake of saving a few dollars on a cheap photographer, is a choice that parents should carefully consider.

For these reasons, I always recommend to new parents that they choose an experienced, professional newborn photographer … one who specializes in newborn photography.

5 positive actions for an incredible newborn photo experience

What can you do to ensure your baby’s newborn photography session will be safe and produce beautiful-quality photos? Before booking your newborn photography session:

1. Ask your potential newborn photographer to provide proof of their business registration and general liability insurance.

And while you’re at it, ask them to show proof of their DTap vaccination and newborn safety certifications as further evidence of the priority they give to your baby’s safety.

2. Review the newborn photographer’s website or portfolio to make sure they specialize in newborn photography and that their style appeals to you.

Newborn photography is a highly specialized field that requires extensive training and experience. Even an experienced professional photographer that offers other types of photography (e.g. weddings, corporate, boudoir, events, etc.) may not have knowledge of newborn physiology and baby safety.

3. Discuss with your photographer what you will receive and when. Some photographers deliver images as digital files with little or no editing. Others will retouch every image, which will likely add to the quality but possibly also to the delivery time.

4. Make sure your professional newborn photographer offers the type of products you want. Maybe they offer only digital files?  Or do they offer a range of prints, albums and wall art?

5. Insist that your professional newborn photographer provides you with a contract. It should describe all that is included in your newborn photo session, and your obligations in return. This will reduce the risk that you don’t receive all that you expect for your investment.

Your best assurance that you will love your newborn’s photo experience

The arrival of your new baby is an exciting and busy time. It’s natural to want to capture this time with beautiful newborn portraits and baby photographs.

Your choice of a professional, experienced and trained newborn photographer is your best assurance that you will love the photo experience and the images you receive.

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Footnote: This should not discourage upcoming newborn photographers. On the contrary. But newborn photographers should work with experienced mentors, study newborn physiology, invest in the right equipment, and commit to the many necessary hours of training before they offer newborn photography services to the public.

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