Why an experienced, professional newborn photographer is the better choice for new parents and their babies

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The potential for harm that can be caused by an inexperienced (and likely uninsured) “low-cost” or “discount” newborn photographer gives me chills. Here I share some thoughts on why a professional newborn photographer is likely to be the better choice.

Today, most of us have easy access to a high-quality camera on our smart phones. And, for a relatively small additional investment, we can explore the potential of camera equipment that would have costs thousands just a couple of years ago. Easy access to modern camera technology is wonderful, but there is a potentially dangerous downside…especially for new parents looking for a photographer to capture images of their new baby’s first days.

Ask your professional newborn photographer to provide proof of business insurance

The danger is in the proliferation of camera-wielding amateurs and even some inexperienced professionals who offer newborn photography without the necessary skills, experience, equipment and knowledge of newborn physiology to safely create high-quality newborn portraits.

Worse still, many of these “discount” photographers perform their newborn photography without any general liability insurance, which puts the parents at incredible financial risk should something go wrong. I know, you probably don’t want to think about boring issues like insurance when you’re dreaming of gorgeous images of your adorable baby, but the consequences of not asking  your photographer to provide proof of liability insurance could be dire indeed.

Yes, an inexperienced photographer will possibly be cheaper than an experienced newborn photographer, but the safety and welfare of your baby is just not worth putting at risking just to save a few dollars.

Consider too that an inexperienced photographer may also be less likely to produce high quality images, and have less refined retouching skills, meaning you will potentially be stuck with less appealing images long after and cost saving is forgotten.

For these reasons, I always recommend to new parents that they choose an experienced, professional newborn photographer … someone who specializes in newborn photography.

What should you do: Before booking your newborn photography session:

  • Confirm that your professional newborn photographer is operating a registered business with general liability insurance. This should be an absolute must for all parents, regardless of whether your session will happen at the photographer’s studio, at your home or an outdoor location. If your photographer is not insured you are putting your family at unnecessary risk.
  • Review your professional newborn photographer’s website or portfolio, and make sure it demonstrates proficiency in the style of newborn photography and a variety of baby pictures that appeal to you.
  • Discuss with your photographer what you will receive for your investment, and when. For example, some photographers burn images straight to CD with little or no editing. Others perform considerable retouching to each image, which adds to the quality but possibly also to the delivery time and to the cost of your baby pictures. Some present images via an online gallery, while others will invite you back to the studio at a later date for a viewing session, to help you order print products (wall art, albums, etc.).
  • Make sure that your professional newborn photographer offers the type of photographic products that you desire. For example, some photographers offer only digital files whereas other will offer a wide range of professional print products including albums, framed wall art and gift prints to display your baby’s pictures.
  • Insist that your professional newborn photographer provides you with a contract that clearly describes what they are offering for your newborn session, and your obligations in return. Lack of a contract increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and increases the risk that you may not receive all that you expect in return for your investment.

Footnote: This should not discourage upcoming newborn photographers. To the contrary, I encourage all new photographers to work with experienced mentors, study newborn physiology, commit to the many necessary hours of training, and invest in the right equipment before offering newborn photography services. 

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