Timing is everything: When to schedule your newborn photography studio session

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Newborn photographs are special for many reasons, especially the delicate newborn poses that so many parents love. Many new parents, or parents-to-be, are surprised to learn that those poses are really only possible and safe during your baby’s first 14 days.

In my experience, after many years in my newborn photography studio, 5 to 10 days of age is the real sweet spot for newborn photography, and I try to work with new moms to schedule their photography session within that period whenever possible.

After two weeks, not only is your baby less likely to be comfortable in curly newborn poses, but their sleep patterns change, making the poses much more difficult (if not impossible) to achieve.

Of course, your favorite newborn photography studio can likely create beautiful portraits of babies older than 14 days, but the older they are the more limited your photographer’s options will be for newborn poses. If your baby is older than two weeks, talk with your photographer about options for more conventional baby pictures or perhaps a family lifestyle session.

When should you book with your newborn photography studio?

In a perfect world (I know, who lives in one of those?), you should contact your preferred photographer while you are in your second trimester to tentatively schedule your newborn session around your due date. By contacting them early you will maximize your chances of them being available when your baby arrives (and leave yourself time to find an alternative if your preferred photographer is not available).

If you’re nearing your due date (or even if you’ve just had your baby), and you’ve not yet booked your newborn photography session, contact your preferred photographer as soon as possible to try to schedule a session within your baby’s first two weeks.

What happens next?

When you have chosen your preferred photographer, they will likely require a contract to be signed and a deposit to be paid to confirm your session (even though the exact date/time of your session will remain flexible, depending on your baby’s arrival).

Then, in the first couple of days after your baby is born, you should contact your photographer to confirm a date and time for your baby’s portrait session. Don’t worry if the date needs to change from the original plan…your newborn photographer is used to adjusting their schedule to accommodate a new baby’s unpredictable sense of timing.

Here you can read more about planning for a successful newborn photography session.

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