Maternity photography that celebrates the miracle and beauty of motherhood

Acclaimed maternity photographer, Katerina Teixeira, and her team at Truly Madly Deeply, specialize in a unique, powerful-yet-feminine editorial-style of maternity photography that empowers women and celebrates this most special time in their lives, and in the history of their family.

Drawing on many years experience, Katerina’s photography blends fashion, editorial and fine-art portraiture to create a truly unique style. The images she creates are elegant, sophisticated and timeless, forever an important, beautiful and artistic record of your life and this new life you will soon share with the world.

Why maternity portraits are so important

Your pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation. Some moms-to-be are fortunate to cherish every moment, while for others, nine months can sometimes feel like nine years. Some feel at their most beautiful and feminine during their pregnancy, while others may feel less positive about the physical and emotional changes. Regardless of your experience, it will all feel like it went by in the blink of an eye the moment you first hold your little one in your arms.

After the birth of your child, this important and miraculous chapter in your life’s story will have passed. In Katerina’s experience, no one regrets making the time for maternity photographs, but many regret not having them. If not just for yourself, imagine too the joy for your children in future years in seeing your beautiful portraits while your were pregnant with them.

When to schedule your maternity photo session

It is best to contact Katerina and Truly Madly Deeply during your second trimester, and your maternity portrait session for a date between 30 and 35 weeks into your pregnancy. If you are concerned about an early arrival, or if your are carrying more than one little one, successful sessions can be scheduled as early as 28 weeks. It is possible to book your portrait session right up to your due date, and Katerina often photographs clients in their final week, however moms-to-be may feel less comfortable (and less mobile) in the ninth month and there is always the increased chance that your baby may arrive before your photography session.

Truly Madly Deeply is typically booked 6-8 weeks in advance, however Katerina will always try to accommodate last-minute bookings for expecting parents.

To contact Katerina to discuss your maternity portrait session, complete the form on the Contact page or call the studio on (912) 642-8000.

Also, see the blog for more information about Truly Madly Deeply’s focus on safety and tips for preparing for your maternity photography session.

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