Family photographers in Oviedo, serving clients in Seminole County and Orlando, who specialize in creating unique portraits that reflect your family’s unique story.

As your professional family photographer, we work closely with you to create portraits that reflect your personalities and forever serve as your connection back to this time in your family’s history. Framed on your wall or presented in an album, your portraits will forever remind you of the love that defines your bond and the journey your lives have made together.

These days pass too quickly … a family photo session in Oviedo or Orlando with Truly Madly Deeply will help you remember them forever

Like no other investment you will make in your lifetime, your professional family or children’s portraits will become more cherished and more valuable to you and your family with every passing year.

As family photographers, every week we meet with clients like you to reveal the beautiful images from their recent family photography session. Imagine experiencing that emotional reaction as you see your professionally edited portraits for the first time, Imagine how the family portrait on your wall will serve as a lifelong reminder of your family values, reflecting your commitment to those you love and who love you. And as the years pass, imagine how your professional portraits will forever honor the memory of loved ones who pass and that you miss so dearly.

That’s why professional portraits of your children or family, hung on your wall or compiled in an heirloom album, are a truly unique gift…

…they are a gift to yourself that will evoke wonderful memories throughout your lifetime…

…and they are a gift to your kids that will increase in meaning over the course of their lives and become one of their most cherished possessions. It’s easy to imagine them many years from now, looking at their family portrait and swapping “Do you remember when…?” stories.

And while the investment in your professional family photos will soon be a distant memory, the emotional value of the finished portraits of your children or family will increase more and more as time passes by.

Truly Madly Deeply makes it so easy to create the family portraits you’ll want to display in your home … and the whole family will enjoy the experience

It’s easy to inquire about a photography session that’s perfect for your family (even your reluctant kids or spouse will have a great time). Whether you’re looking for family photos at an outdoor location or in the comfort of our Oviedo studio, simply send us a message with the form below or call on (321) 341-3000.

For helpful information about how to prepare for your family’s photography session, read more on our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions about family and children’s photography

Q. What should we wear for our family photo session?

A. Your family’s natural preferences should guide your outfit choices for your professional family photos. Sometimes it helps to identify your family centerpiece (or “center person”) … often mom or dad … and build complementary outfits around their clothing choices.

Consider too that Truly Madly Deeply family photography sessions allow plenty of time for outfit changes, so you might want to bring two or more outfits to the studio to have more variety in your images.

If you prefer for everyone to wear near-identical outfits, they should be subtle and will usually replicate everyday wear, like blue jeans and white shirts, or dark tops and chinos. Alternatively, if everyone will wear coordinated outfits (rather than identical), ensure they are of similar casualness or formality and complementary in color.

Here are seven general photography clothing rules for you to consider:

  1. For outdoor sessions, dress for the weather.
  2. Lighter colors tend to make a body look larger; darker colors make a body look smaller. White can make fair-skinned people look a little washed out.
  3. Muted or subdued colors will help keep the focus on your face.
  4. Dress in layers of complementary colors for interesting dimensions.
  5. Text and images on clothing can be distracting.
  6. Patterns often work best when they are not overly bold.
  7. Shoes should be appropriate for the outfit and location.

For even more about what to wear and how to prepare for your family or children’s photo session, read our article What To Wear For Your Family Photos Or Family Portrait Studio Session

Q. Where will my family or children's photography session take place?

A. Most clients prefer the comfort of the Truly Madly Deeply studio in Oviedo for their family photography session. Here you have access to the full studio experience, including comfortable surrounds and easy access to our full collection of props and sets.

If you prefer an outdoor location, or a combination of studio and outdoor shots, we are happy to work with you during your Photography Planning Consultation to create a session plan that will ensure the beautiful images you desire. Outdoor sessions typically happen early in the morning or late in the afternoon for the best lighting conditions.

Q. Can I contribute ideas for colors, props and poses I have seen elsewhere?

A. We encourage your input and love discussing your ideas and preferences during your Photography Planning Consultation (please understand, however, ideas offered on the day of the session may be harder to include without disrupting the entire session plan).

Q. How can we ensure our kids will enjoy the photo session and that they'll cooperate?

A. During your Planning Consultation, we’ll share plenty of advice to help prepare your children, and we have lots of ways to keep them engaged throughout the session.

You can also read our article, 7 Tips To Get Your Kids Ready For Your Professional Family Photos, which is chock-full of useful information that will help you prepare for the photo session and keep the kids on track on the day. The biggest tip, however, is for the parents to relax and enjoy the experience … kids will be kids, and we have lots of experience (and LOTS of patience), so you can be assured that together we’ll create a portfolio of images you will love.


Do you have more questions? Give us a call at the Oviedo studio on (321) 341-3000 or send us a message. We love talking with parents about family and children’s photography!

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