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Katerina Teixeira is the lead newborn photographer, maternity photographer, and family photographer and owner of Truly Madly Deeply - maternity, newborn and family photography studio in Brevard County.

A truly personal photography experience

Just like the images we create together, your photography experience with Truly Madly Deeply is tailored just for you and your family. We encourage and welcome your participation and input at every step, but we offer plenty of flexibility to suit your interest and availability.

Prior to your Photography Session, we’ll get together (either in person or over the phone) for your Planning Consultation. At this time, we’ll discuss all of your ideas, inputs, preferences and desires for your photoshoot. We’ll also discuss how you might present and share your finished images.

After the Planning Consultation, the Truly Madly Deeply team will create your Photography Session Plan. This ensures we prepare the studio and the flow of your Photography Session to create photographs that are consistent with your preferences and your sense of style.

The steps after your Photography Session are all about helping you choose the images you love and creating your prints, digital files, framed art or albums.

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3 simple steps to beautiful photographs with Truly Madly Deeply


Step 1

Your Planning Consultation
at the studio or over the phone

Step 2

Your Photography Session
at the Truly Madly Deeply studio

Step 3

Your Viewing & Ordering Consultation
to choose your wall art, albums and prints

STEP 1: Your Planning Consultation

Prior to your Photography Session date, we’ll get together for your Planning Consultation. This discussion can take place in-person in the studio or over the phone, whichever is most convenient for you.

Typically, this discussion will take 15-45 minutes, depending on the number of questions you have and how involved you want to be in planning your Photography Session.

This is your opportunity to share what you hope to achieve with your photography shoot, and any ideas you might have, and what plans you have for your finished photographs.

We’ll also use this time to provide you with information you’ll need to prepare for your Photography Session, and to help any family members prepare. We’ll discuss what to wear, hair and makeup options, photography locations, color design and lots more. And we’ll have plenty of time to answer all of your questions.

By the end of your Planning Consultation, we’ll have the information we need to develop your personal Photography Session Plan. This helps us coordinate your session, plan for all of the necessary props, and plan for any specific images that you have requested as well as the images that we recommend.

STEP 2: Your Photography Session


Photography Sessions typically happen at the Truly Madly Deeply photo studio in Melbourne, Florida or at a location that we agree during Step 1: Your Planning Consultation.

In the studio, we work with professional studio lighting, gorgeous props and creative set designs. This welcoming environment allows us to consistently create our distinctive images regardless of the outside conditions.

Alternatively, some clients choose iconic Brevard County locations such as the beautiful Space Coast beaches and the many beautiful parks and waterways. It’s important to remember, however, that outdoor photography in Central Florida comes with some unique challenges, such as heat, humidity, insects and summer storms. These variables may affect your enjoyment of your Photography Session.

Regardless of whether you choose a Photography Session at the studio or an outdoor location, we promise that we’ll do all we can to make it the best Photography Session you can hope for.


Clients are sometimes apprehensive or anxious on the day of their Photography Session. With Truly Madly Deeply, there’s absolutely no need to be.

Remember, the Truly Madly Deeply team will have done a lot of preparation since your Planning Consultation. This means we’ll be ready to focus entirely on you when you arrive.

All you really need to do is arrive at the studio on time. Here’s a tip: Make it your goal to leave for the studio an hour earlier than you actually need to, and chances are you’ll arrive on time (or just a few minutes early).


Sessions with Truly Madly Deeply are relaxed and fun-filled. Katerina is blessed with unnatural patience and kindness and will ensure everyone is comfortable and involved.

And we love kids, no matter how crazy or off-script they get. And if there’s a kiddie-meltdown during the session, no problem. We take a break and get back to it when everyone is in good spirits again.

Click here for tips and useful information to help get your kids ready for their professional photography session.

Even previously reluctant spouses will comment after the session how much they enjoyed themselves!


Maternity and family photography sessions usually take one to two hours.

Newborn sessions may be up to four hours. Click here for more detail about what to expect for your newborn photography session.

STEP 3: Your Viewing and Ordering Consultation

After the fun of your Photography Session, your Viewing & Ordering Consultation is when you get to see all of the gorgeous images that we created together.

We usually schedule your Viewing & Ordering Consultation two to three weeks after your Photography Session. This allows Truly Madly Deeply time to carefully retouch each image, so they are perfect when you see them!

During your Viewing & Ordering Consultation, your images are projected onto our huge projection screen and we take the time to select your favorite photographs.

This is the time when you’ll order your Lindeza Portrait Collection or choose from our beautiful prints, framed images, digital files and albums.  Importantly, it is also the time when your Truly Madly Deeply Gift Certificate can be applied to your order.

Truly Madly Deeply is the only studio to offer exclusive Lindeza Portrait Collections, which include stunning, matted prints presented in exquisite, Italian hand-crafted folio boxes and high-resolution digital files (with print release). Several of the Lindeza™ Portrait Collections also include archival-quality, fine-art giclée canvas or framed wall art.

Most of our clients choose from the selection of Lindeza Portrait Collections, which means most get to take their Lindeza Collection home with them immediately after their Viewing & Ordering Consultation! 

If you choose print product that require additional production time, such as framed art and albums, Truly Madly Deeply will contact you as soon as your order is ready for you to pick up … typically within 21 days of your order (often sooner).

Looking Ahead

Many of our clients visit us regularly for family, maternity and newborn photography. It’s common for us to create maternity portraits for a new client, and then have them return for newborn images and later for first birthday photos too (no doubt you’ll see a few faces in our portfolio appear in more than one photography category).

As your children grow, it’s only natural that you’ll want to capture new portraits. We plan for this right from the beginning of your very first Planning Consultation. With each new photography session for your family we build upon the images we have already made together, to create a cohesive and coordinated family story that evolves and reveals more and more as the years pass.

It’s easy to get started

It’s easy to reach Truly Madly Deeply to begin planning your photography session. Simply send us a message using the form below or on the Contact page, or give us a call at the studio on (321) 341-3000.

To read real, first-hand client testimonials about their Truly Madly Deeply photography experience, visit the Reviews page.

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