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Hi. I’m Katerina. I’m a family, maternity and newborn photographer in Savannah, Georgia, and the owner of the Truly Madly Deeply photography studio.

If there’s something that you might want to know about me, it’s that I understand the love of family. And it’s your love of family that has brought you here to create beautiful portraits of the most important people and the most moments in your life …

… because this time is too precious and will pass too soon.

I know this from experience. I’m the proud mom of an Army veteran, and I’m a daughter, a sister and an aunt. I was born in France and grew up in Portugal before coming to America as a teenager. Sadly, I know the regret of not having photographs of those I miss dearly. But I know the overwhelming joy of a home filled with wall art and portraits of those I love most.

I see that same emotion in my clients when they see their portraits for the first time. The tears. The laughter. The love of family and everything that family represents.

That’s why I’m a photographer. I love knowing the art we create together will become a cherished piece of your family history.

If you feel connected to the love that goes into my work, and that will go into the portraits that we’ll create together, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Maternity photographer and newborn photographer at Truly Madly Deeply in Savannah GA - Katerina's signature

“Of all of our possessions, nothing is more special than the photographs of those we love.”  – Katerina

Your family, maternity and newborn portraits deserved to be displayed

Creating beautiful family, maternity and newborn images is a responsibility for which we are forever grateful. That’s why we strive to create portraits and photographic art that you will want to display in your home or gift to your loved ones.

Unlike the fleeting nature of digital files shared online, beautifully crafted prints allow you to experience an image on a more intimate level, and draw more from the story within.

But, we also understand the value that clients place on high-resolution digital files, so they can share their images online and create additional prints in the future.

That’s why we created the exclusive range of Lindeza™ Portrait Collections, to compliment the Truly Madly Deeply photography experience.

Each Lindeza™ Portrait Collection includes beautiful, hand-mounted prints AND high-resolution digital files of your favorite images, presented in an exquisite, Italian-handcrafted folio box. In addition, many of the Lindeza™ collections include museum-quality, giclée canvas or framed print wall art.

Maybe you can tell, but at Truly Madly Deeply, we believe in the importance of printed photographs.

After all, we’ll be working together to create beautiful images of you and your family … it’s only natural that you should want to enjoy your portraits as printed photographs and share them with the generations that follow.

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