My secret tip for a super-successful newborn photography session (Hint: It involves you)

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As I mentioned in my post titled “What to expect (and how to prepare) for your newborn’s baby photo session”, achieving the deep sleep necessary for newborn poses will likely take up the majority of your baby’s newborn photography session.

An experienced newborn photographer will have lots of tricks up their sleeve to help your baby achieve a deep sleep. Some of these are quite practical, like setting the room temperature to a comfortable (for your baby) 80+ degrees. Others are just pure magic, like pixie dust, and come with years of experience.

Oftentimes though, the biggest contributor to a restful newborn baby is simply a full belly. Therefore, creating a plan with your newborn photographer, for pre-session and mid-session feedings, is my super-secret-number-one-top-tip to a successful newborn photography session …and it is an element of the session where you will have the significant influence on outcome.

Ensuring your baby is full (and therefore nice and sleepy) at the start of the shoot it simple…just feed your little one before you arrive at the studio or immediately before the session begins.

Responding to your hungry baby throughout the session, however, presents a couple of options that can have a big impact on the success of the shoot:

Option 1: The photographer can take a break from shooting and let you nurse your baby. This requires that the photographer then reset after the feeding, reposition your baby, encourage your baby back into a deep sleep, and begin the posing process again.


Option 2: You or your photographer can give the baby a quick mid-session “top-up” from a bottle of pre-pumped milk while s/he is still in a posing position, allowing him/her to return to sleep with minimal disruption.

The second option means more time for your photographer to work on more poses, and will ultimately result in greater variety in your newborn photographs. If you prefer to nurse rather than use a bottle, then it might be a good idea to let your photographer know in advance so they can plan accordingly.

What should you do:

  • Arrive with a well-fed baby, or plan to feed when you first arrive at the studio, before the newborn photography session gets underway.
  • Bring bottles of pre-pumped milk (or formula) to allow your baby to feed in position as needed throughout the session, and return quickly to a restful sleep.
  • If pre-pumped milk in bottles is not an option for you, advise your photographer in advance of your session so they can adjust the session plan to accommodate mid-session nursing.

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