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Understandably, clients have questions about how COVID-19 might affect their photography session

[UPDATE, MAY 2021: All members of the Truly Madly Deeply – maternity, newborn and family photography team are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19].

Whether you’re expecting your first child or raising a growing family, every parent (or soon-to-be parent) feels an enormous sense of responsibility to keep their family safe. And now, while we’re all waiting for the smart scientists to develop a safe COVID-19 vaccine, we understand your concerns about safety are even higher than usual.

Despite COVID-19, however, some of your life’s most important moments – your pregnancy, the birth of your child, your family milestones – are still happening. Capturing these moments with a professional photography session is understandably important.

At Truly Madly Deeply – maternity, newborn and family photography, we’ve boosted our already-high safety standards to all-new levels to help protect our clients from exposure to COVID-19.

Your safety has always been our top priority

Client safety is not new to us. It has always been at the heart of everything we do. That’s why Truly Madly Deeply is the only Qualified Newborn Photographer in Brevard County certified by Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI). That’s why we completed APNPI’s Newborn Safety Certification. It’s also why we have always followed the Guidelines for Perinatal Care by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Extra Studio Procedures to Protect from COVID-19

In this era of COVID-19, we have added extra safety, health and hygiene measures to provide a safe environment for your photography experience. Here’s what we’re doing to help keep you and your family safe.

Important: The following is not medical advice. Consult with your medical professional for a complete assessment of the risks before committing to a professional photography session.

  • In-studio photography sessions are now limited to two per week. This allows our team time to clean and sanitize the studio BEFORE and AFTER each photography session and client visit.
  • We limit the members of the Truly Madly Deeply team who have in-person interaction with clients. Members of our team who have in-person contact with clients are tested weekly for COVID-19 at the DOH-Brevard Viera Clinic (and we’ll happily show you our test results).
  • Only clients (and their immediate family members being photographed) and essential members of the Truly Madly Deeply team are permitted in the studio. All other non-client meetings, deliveries and other activities are conducted at other locations.
  • Between client visits, studio surfaces are thoroughly mopped or cleaned with a disinfecting solution that complies with CDC recommendations. Extra attention is given to high-traffic or high-touch surfaces such as flooring, seating, doorknobs, light switches, counters/table-tops and bathrooms.
  • All studio equipment is wiped down with a disinfecting solution before and after each session. All items brought into the studio are thoroughly cleaned with a disinfecting solution.
  • Prior to your Photography Session, you can choose for your Planning Consultation to happen at the studio or virtually via Zoom video conference. Either way, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss all of your options and preferences and you’ll get to see around the studio.
  • After your Photography Session, you can choose for your Viewing Consultation to happen at the studio or virtually via Zoom video conference. Both options allow you to view your beautifully retouched images and choose wall art, albums, prints and other art pieces to display in your home and gift to family and loved ones.
  • All clients (and their family members being photographed) are required to take their temperature at home before they visit the studio. We do the same before you arrive.
  • If any client (or family member of a client, or anyone with whom a client has had close contact) or team member shows any symptoms of COVID-19 (including, but not limited to, a high temperature), we’ll reschedule the session (at no cost to you).
  • All clients (and family members being photographed) and all Truly Madly Deeply team members are required to wear a mask at all times inside the studio (per CDC guidelines, only babies under 2 years of age are excepted from this requirement). Masks may be removed only while you are being photographed.
  • All Truly Madly Deeply team members in physical contact with a client during a photography session (e.g. during a newborn photography session) wear gloves throughout the session and change gloves frequently. In addition, all team members frequently wash their hands throughout the photography session (and we encourage our clients to do the same). Anyone who coughs, sneezes, uses the restroom or re-enters the studio from outside is required to immediately wash their hands. Hand sanitizer is also readily available throughout the studio.
  • All backdrops and other soft-surface photography props (including blankets, wraps, etc.) exposed during a photography session are laundered after the session whether they were actually used or not.
  • On a limited basis, coffee/tea, refreshments and light snacks are available in the studio during client visits. Items not used during the client visit are disposed of immediately after the session. Clients are asked to bring any additional beverages/snacks they may require.
  • Clients and team members must remove their shoes upon entering the studio or place the provided “booties” over their shoes.
  • Should you, a family member, or anyone with whom you come in close contact close exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, please contact us to reschedule your session.

Carefully consider your options

Finally, we ask that you carefully consider your options before choosing to proceed with a Truly Madly Deeply photography session during this COVID-19 era. Yes, we rigorously follow our safety procedures, but any activity may increase your risk of exposure … and photography sometimes requires close contact which may elevate that risk. This is not medical advice. Consult with your medical professional for a complete assessment of the risks before committing to your photography session.

We appreciate that some of these measures may be unfamiliar and perhaps even a tad inconvenient, but they are strictly enforced for your safety and the safety of our team and every client who enters the studio after you. We’re committed, however, to ensuring that your photography experience with Truly Madly Deeply will live up to all your expectations.

Yes, we’ll create stunning portraits together. And you can be assured our team is doing everything possible to create your family is in the safest possible care.

Interested in working with Truly Madly Deeply for your professional maternity, newborn or family photography session? Give us a call at the studio on (321) 341-3000, use the Contact Form to send us a message.


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